Film SF

Film SF (The San Francisco Film Office) helps support film productions, from major feature films and television series to commercials, music videos, documentaries and student films. Film SF strives to minimize the impact of film crews on local residents and businesses.

3,058,390 in local spending

For every dollar rebated to productions which shot in Fiscal Year 2015/2016, an estimated $5.33 has been spent locally by productions on wages, food, hotels, lumber, props, gas, car rentals and more. (on an expected $583,405 in rebates).

2015 By the Numbers

  • 698 productions shot

  • 1,433 days of production

  • $253,000 in permit fees

  • $3,058,390 in local spending by rebated productions

We wanted to share with you the stories of a few of our community members that worked with the HBO show Looking. From the production assistants to the restaurant owner in the neighborhood, our community members spoke on camera about their experiences working within the film industry of San Francisco.

Notable 2015 Productions in San Francisco

TV Series

  • Netflix’s Sense8, Season 2
  • Hulu’s Chance
  • HBO’s Looking
  • ABC-TV’s When We Rise


  • The Etruscan Smile
  • Pushing Dead
  • Birth of the Dragon


  • 7 productions applied for the Scene in San Francisco Rebate Program.

Film SF works to promote the San Francisco Bay Area as a film destination and collaborates directly with every production that takes place in our city, including feature films, music videos, television shows, photoshoots, commercials, etc. 


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